In order to have a successful business you need the three p's: Process, Product, and PEOPLE. Having the right people in the right places is critical to the success of your business. Does a stellar sales person have what it takes to be a stellar sales manager? It is tough to know, allow us to discern for you. After years of corporate hiring and small business management we have discovered the most affective uses for key employees as it pertains to promotions, hiring, firing, and succession planning.
Our 3 step proprietary hiring process called Worry-Free Elimination allows for no ambiguity in finding the right candidate. If you are having trouble with existing employees or need to hire new ones give us a call we are happy to assist.
Whether you are attempting to hire the next best executive, grooming a current employee, or trying to retain your best people, you need the process and the time to do so and we are here to help. In addition to working with compensation plans and current and future employees, we will also facilitate and mediate negotiations, handle conflict resolution, and implement processes for both negotiations and conflicts.
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