The Bullseye Sales process allows for a full overview of the sales process for all levels of employees. Consider it an additional employee on the floor that acts as a sales trainer at your beck and call. We achieve results by increasing revenue through a streamlines sales process. If an employee touches the client then they are part of the sales process, this is not just for the "sales department" but for the entire company.

Training and Coaching

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Focus on the relationship: Sales is about people and ultimately people buy from people they like. Close more sales by being the real you and focusing on the customers needs by listening first and speaking second. We have switched to thought tracks not word tracks. Word tracks (Scripts) eliminate any need for a personal touch. A though track allows you to be creative and free form based on each individual interaction.
Sales is not hard: If you work in sales you should be excited to get on the phones and follow up with potential clients. With our process you will be energized to perform at a high level while building meaningful and lasting relationships.
Creating the win win: Negotiations will occur, our processes teach how to create the win win so that everybody is happy. When working for a good company selling a good product win wins are possible because both parties are truly benefiting from the deal.
We work with all levels of the organization starting with the executives to set company goals, visions, and missions to increase bottom lines and efficiencies.
The heart and soul of any company is the sales department. Do you have an effective and competitive sales process? Have you mapped out your sales cycle and determined what your pipeline looks like? Is there accountability and follow through? Are leads being treated properly and is there a tracking system in place? Are there disciplinary measures for lackluster performance?
We provide help with in-depth sales coaching, encapsulating analysis, role-playing, implementing processes, refining processes, and monitoring progress.
Most people leave their bosses not their job. One of the most crucial parts of an organization is mid-level management and their ability to communicate with their subordinates. We focus on a clear communication process, management styles, and conflict resolution to ensure successful relationships.
Executive coaching is all about the company as a whole. How well do your managers, employees, and even janitors know your mission statement or core values? We work with the executive team to make sure that all parties are working and communicating well together while implementing, refining, and discovering your company's mission, vision, and core values.
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