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We help business owners and entrepreneurs earn more, work less, and reduce stress. Through much trial and tribulation we have discovered the key to running a business the most effective and efficient way possible. The key is something that many of the most successful businesses and corporations have used to get to where they are today.
We have developed The Business Positioning System (BPS) to implement the key elements of success into small to medium sized enterprises across the globe. This is the step-by-step process our clients use to scale their business, instantly create 2-3 hours more per day, identify inefficiencies within their businesses, and unlock the TRUE secret to wealth.
And the path to do all this without working 80 hour work weeks, without having small business burnout, all while having 10-12 new hours to spend doing what they love.

Who We Are

We are a Multi-generational company - Ken and Craig Chalifour, we bridge the gap between the traditional business model and the ever changing contemporary business paradigm.
We have worked with companies across the globe and in almost all 50 states to develop solutions that define and establish effective business processes. With over 35 years of corporate leadership and small to medium sized business management we are confident that we have seen the problems that you are facing.
We do not have a one size fits all model and truly enjoy working with every client that we work with. We started this business because we are passionate about business solutions and believe that it is our duty to effect change in small to medium sized businesses.
If you are ready to make a change and start living the life you have dreamt of while developing your ideal business then check out our webinar below on the "5 Simple Steps Our Clients Use to Cut Their Workday by One Third, 2x Earnings (or more), and Have More Free Time for Their Family."
As a Full Service Multigenerational Consulting firm we have covered the distance between the traditional and the contemporary. We understand that there are many business challenges that arise. We focus on keeping you doing what you do best, running your business while we improve your condition. With over 35 years of experience starting, growing and managing businesses, we have the expertise and know how to help your business grow. From practical business foundations to a robust sales, marketing and branding strategy, we can help.

Recent Posts

Should I Scale my Business?

This is a question that I get very often. This question comes from small business owners, solopreneurs, and even owners of medium sized enterprises. At first glance it may seem like an easy question to answer, YES. Why wouldn't someone want to grow their company, hire more employees, and create more revenue for the company.

This topic is mildly more complicated than the initial knee jerk reaction. It basically comes down to two influences; what are your motives/goals as an owner…

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Sales and Mediocrity

I had a conversation with a client recently about his sales department and his comment to me was "I'm not sure I have ever really managed my sales department effectively - I'm not really sure how to".

Considering that the sales department or simply sales in general is the heart and soul of ALL companies this comment struck me as surprising. There are two main components in all companies. Producing and providing. Sales produces the need and purchase and the rest of the company…

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5 Ways to Limit Smartphone Use during the Work Day

Smartphones are one of the most exciting modern-day inventions, but they can also become a major source of distraction during the work day. Before COVID, studies found that the average American spent around 5.4 hours a day on their mobile phone. Just 6 months after the COVID-induced lockdown, a December 2020 Read More

Keep on Keeping on

This past year has been hard for all of us, and Pew Research reports that 42% of US adults under the age of 50 reported difficulties in finding the motivation to work since the beginning of the pandemic. So how do we get through this seemingly never-ending struggle?

Discipline. That probably is not the answer you wanted to hear, as it points…

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5 Ways Science Can Help Your Business

Science can be a great tool to improve your business, as it allows you to get objective, quantifiable evidence that you can use to make evidence-based business decisions. Here are 5 ways you can use science to help your business:

Survey your employees

A great way to get feedback from your employees is to just ask them. Surveys can be a great way for you to select the questions you are interested in, and then survey employees across your company to get both quantitative (i.e.…

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